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Contact, Returns, Warranty, Disclaimer and Waiver

Contact Jammock!  Customer service and dealer inquiries welcome. 

Returns:  If you do not like your Jammock, email us at, let us confirm the return, and send it back within 30 days.  We will refund the purchase price, less shipping.  The Jammock must be in new, sellable condition to return.

Warranty: If your Jammock does not meet our high standards of construction, is otherwise damaged upon delivery, or has issues relating to construction during normal use, we will replace it free within 6 months of purchase.



When using or purchasing a Jammock, the user assumes all liability for the installation and use of the Jammock, including, but not limited to: inspecting the Jammock for wear and proper installation prior to each use, never using the Jammock while the vehicle is in motion or not in a safe, level location with the ignition off, the gear in Park and/or the parking brake in use.  Jammock LLC is not liable for any injuries incurred during installation, mounting, nor use of your Jammock.

Jammock is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Jeep, Jeep Wrangler, Fiat Chrysler, or any other company.