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As a belt, the SnapSling is always nearby and so it goes where you go—to Carry Your World. The SnapSling uses two triglides to precisely fit a belt to your waist that can expand to a 7-foot long sling in seconds.

Each SnapSling is custom-made to order and is NOT returnable.  Orders will be ship within two business days from New York.

The SnapSling is designed to re-distribute loads from your hands to your shoulders and create handles where none exist.

It makes cumbersome loads easier to grip, lift, and carry.

• Carry your Child: the SnapSling is the perfect size to transfer the weight of a child from your neck and shoulders to your entire back.

• Carry a Canoe: You’re portaging a canoe. Do you put it on your head or grab another person to carry it? Neither. Attach the SnapSling to the bow and stern and portage it like a duffle bag.

• Bring Back Your Bikes: Your kid is riding his bike and he doesn’t want to ride anymore. His bike is too small to ride, too low to push, and uncomfortable to carry. Connect the SnapSling and carry it over your shoulder. While biking on the trail, you fall, and bend your wheel so bad that the bike no longer rolls. Attach the SnapSling and easily carry it out.

• Grab Some Gas: You run out of gas. The nearest gas station is a few miles away. Hand carrying a heavy gas can is going to get old after half a mile. Use the SnapSling to redistribute the weight from your hands to your shoulders.

• Travel with a TV: Can you carry a 65” TV upstairs by yourself? It doesn’t weigh a lot, but it’s a cumbersome load. With the SnapSling, you can.

• The SnapSling is an everyday sling that helps you carry cumbersome loads.


Choose your SnapSling:

The SnapSling is our workhorse model, comprised of 1.75" nylon webbing with your choice of buckle: Austrialpin Cobra®  D-rings, Austrialpin® frame buckles, or Metolius carabiners!

The SnapSling Jr. is the smaller, 1" nylon webbing model, that also comes with your choice of buckle: Austrialpin Cobra®  D-rings, Austrialpin® frame buckles, or Metolius carabiners!

The SnapSling 1.0 is our first model, made of 2" webbing with hefty D-rings for all your carrying needs.